Ch. Beauvert's Hidden Creek Echo FDJ


Obedience Training

Not only is a well behaved and obedient dog a pleasure to have as a pet, but it is a must if they will be performing in obedience, agility, field tests and dog shows.

Toby's obedience training is being done by Linda Webb of Tri-mark Canine Services (see the links page for a link the website).

Toby, at 9 months old, already has 5 points towards his show championship title and I truly believe that the training he received at Tri-mark has played a definite role in his success. Linda is not only a great dog trainer, but a genuinely nice person who is always willing to share her knowledge and help in all aspects of your beloved pets life. Thanks Linda for being such a great person.

Level 1

Toby just completed his Level 1 obedience training with the highest score in his class, posting 157.5 points out of a possible 160 points.


Level 2

Toby has finished his Level 2 obedience training. The test consisted of 9 exercises and each was marked as EXCELLENT, GOOD, SATISFACTORY or NEEDS IMPROVEMENT.

Toby received 6 EXCELLENT and 3 GOOD.

Were going to take a break from obedience classes for the summer because we'll be busy with field training as Toby will be persueing his Field dog Juniour title.

Level 3

Toby will be doing his Level 3 obedience training this fall. We'll let you know once the schedules have been posted.