Ch. Beauvert's Hidden Creek Echo FDJ


BSCO Spring Field Test - May 15 & 16, 2010

Toby on point
Top Brittany - Field Dog Junior


Toby ran in his first field trial on the weekend of May 15th & 16th, 2010.

On day 1 Toby showed a great desire to hunt with good running style , pace and pattern. He was very obedient to his handler, Barbara Brownridge and not gun shy in the least. Toby finished day 1 with a score of 79/100, losing points because he flushed his first bird without holding point for the full time required. He was able to hold the point on the second bird and therefore got the pass.

On day 2 Toby was raring to go. As was the case on day 1, Toby showed great desire to hunt. He was able to find his bird without any problems and held point for longer than the required time. You could see that this dog was having a great time and could have gone on hunting for hours. Toby finished the day with a score of 97/100 and was awarded a certificate for Top Brittany - Field Dog Juniour.

Toby has had limited training to date and has shown that he has a great hunting instinct. We had our first training date at 5 months of age with Ann Harris where we learned that if we move, the bird will fly away and the game is over. Then in order to prepare for the BSCO field trail we had some additional training from Jack Dafoe who acommodated us on short notice. I'd like to thank both Ann and Jack for helping Toby with his training. 

Toby now has 2 legs towards his Field Dog Junior title. So, 1 more leg to go and then it will be on to FD (Field Dog). 


As I was uncomfortable running Toby myself, Barbara Brownridge ran Toby for me. I can't thank Barbara enough for helping Toby with this great achievement and for introducing me to the world of field trials.


Thank you to judges

Craig McDonald  (Saturday)
H. Murray Wolff (Sunday)