Ch. Beauvert's Hidden Creek Echo FDJ


Understanding Dog Shows

 Order of Judging

Judging at a Conformation Show is a process of elimination. Each dog is evaluated in accordance with the standard for its breed.

The judge begins with the Junior Puppy Male Class, evaluates
each dog, awarding first, second, third and fourth placing depending on the number of entries in the class. Judging proceeds through Senior Puppy Male Class, the 12-18 months (12-15, 15-18 month class Specialties only), the Canadian Bred Class, the Bred by Exhibitor Class and the Open Class.

After the male classes have been judged, the dogs placing first in each class are brought back into the ring to compete for the Winners Male award.

After the Winners Male is selected, the dog that placed second to the Winners Male in its original class is brought back into the ring to compete against the other class winners for Reserve Winners Male.This dog will be awarded the points if for any reason the win of the Winners Male is disallowed by the CKC.

The Veteran Male Class (available at Specialties only) is judged after the Reserve Winner award.

The process is repeated for females through all the classes to the selection of Winners Female and Reserve Winners Female followed by Veterans Female Class.

Specials Only are Champions of record. All dogs entered in Specials Only are brought into the ring with the Veteran Male Class Winner, the Veteran Female Class Winner, the Winners Male and the Winners Female for the selection of Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed.

Best of Winners is selected between the Winners Male and Winners Female. If the Winners Male or Winners Female is awarded Best of Breed, that dog is automatically Best of Winners.

After the Best of Winners is awarded, the judge selects the Best Puppy in Breed from the undefeated puppies in competition.

On the completion of all Best of Breed judging within the group, the Best of Breed dogs are brought into the ring and the judge awards first, second, third and fourth in Group placings.

Following the Group competition, Best Puppy in Breed winners are evaluated for the Best Puppy in Group award.

All dogs which placed first in Group are then brought into the ring. The judge selects one as the Best in Show. Similarly, Best Puppy in Show is selected from the Best Puppy in Group dogs.