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BSCO - Field Test

Posted on May 16, 2010 at 8:32 PM

I was so excited this morning when mom put me in the car. She said that we were going to that field trial place again. The car ride seemed as if it took forever. We finally got there and mom open the hatch of the van. Ok this is it I thougth, time to go get those birds. I was just waiting patiently for her to open my crate so I could get out to that field but.... she didn't. She walked away towards a group of people and just stood there. I can't figure this out, why wait? Let's just get at it.

Finally after a long time mom came back and got me out of the crate. We walked over to the group of people near the field. Time to go I thought. I kept pulling on my leash but mom just stood there and told me to wait. What's with all this waiting? I couldn't stand it. Then finally Barbara took my leash and off we went towards the field. Barbara took off my leash and off I raced into the field. I was so excited that I couldn't help chasing a low flying bird all around the field. Then I heard a whistle; now what? I looked up and saw Barbara and then I remembered what we did the day before, I needed to stay in front of her because that's how I would find the birds that actually sit in the grass. So off I went. After awhile I got to an area that smelled different than the rest of the field. This is it I thought. Now all I had to do is circle around and walk into the wind so I could smell where that birdy was. Then I got the scent. It was coming from just in front of me, so I stopped and pointed in the direction. I waited for Barbara to come an see what I found. Barbara came up right beside me and then all of a sudden that bird was up and flying.  I ran after it a bit but then Barbara called me back, so back I went. We looked around a bit more to see if there were any other birds but then we had to go because the next dog was coming. No fair, that dog was ruining my fun. Oh well maybe we'll be back tomorrow. I sure hope so because this is really fun. 

A the end of the day they give out the ribbons and announce the scores. Mom was so proud of me because I got a score of 97 out of 100 and I won the Top Brittany award for field dog junior. Mom likes to put those awards in my trophy case. As for me, now that I know about this game, I want to do it every weekend.

That's it for now, I've had my dinner so now I'm off to sleep. I'm sure I'll be dreaming about running around that bird field.

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