Ch. Beauvert's Hidden Creek Echo FDJ



BSCO - Field Test

Posted on May 15, 2010 at 10:26 PM

Today mom took me to my first field test. It was really exciting. First Barbara (my handler) took me out to the field and let me off my leash. I was allowed to run free thru the field. It was so much fun. Mom was there as well because they let her walk beside the judge so she could watch how to do it. Every once in a while when I got to far away Barbara would call me in with the whistle. Most of the time I just made sure that I could see mom and Barbara. We went around for a bit and then there was an area that was different. I caught a scent in the wind. I kept on running from side to side towards the scent, then all of a sudden a bird shot out of the grass. I tried to chase it but it was too fast. So back I went to Barbara because she was where the birds were, I went around the field a bit more and then the scent was really strong. It was a bird so I pointed at it and waited as long as I could, it was so tempting. I couldn't wait any longer so I went for it, but then the bird flew away, I chased it and I heard a loud bang, but that bird got away also. Anyways, I guess I didn't do too bad and I held my point long enough because I got a passing grade. So that's one leg towards my FDJ title. I'm off to bed now because we're going back tomorrow again. I can't wait to get out into that field again.

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