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BSCO - Field Test

Posted on May 16, 2010 at 8:32 PM

I was so excited this morning when mom put me in the car. She said that we were going to that field trial place again. The car ride seemed as if it took forever. We finally got there and mom open the hatch of the van. Ok this is it I thougth, time to go get those birds. I was just waiting patiently for her to open my crate so I could get out to that field but.... she didn't. She walked away towards a group of people and just stood there. I can't figure this out, why wait? Let's just get at it.

Finally after a long time mom came back and got me out of the crate. We walked over to the group of people near the field. Time to go I thought. I kept pulling on my leash but mom just stood there and told me to wait. What's with all this waiting? I couldn't stand it. Then finally Barbara took my leash and off we went towards the field. Barbara took off my leash and off I raced into the field. I was so excited that I couldn't help chasing a low flying bird all around the field. Then I heard a whistle; now what? I looked up and saw Barbara and then I remembered what we did the day before, I needed to stay in front of her because that's how I would find the birds that actually sit in the grass. So off I went. After awhile I got to an area that smelled different than the rest of the field. This is it I thought. Now all I had to do is circle around and walk into the wind so I could smell where that birdy was. Then I got the scent. It was coming from just in front of me, so I stopped and pointed in the direction. I waited for Barbara to come an see what I found. Barbara came up right beside me and then all of a sudden that bird was up and flying.  I ran after it a bit but then Barbara called me back, so back I went. We looked around a bit more to see if there were any other birds but then we had to go because the next dog was coming. No fair, that dog was ruining my fun. Oh well maybe we'll be back tomorrow. I sure hope so because this is really fun. 

A the end of the day they give out the ribbons and announce the scores. Mom was so proud of me because I got a score of 97 out of 100 and I won the Top Brittany award for field dog junior. Mom likes to put those awards in my trophy case. As for me, now that I know about this game, I want to do it every weekend.

That's it for now, I've had my dinner so now I'm off to sleep. I'm sure I'll be dreaming about running around that bird field.

BSCO - Field Test

Posted on May 15, 2010 at 10:26 PM

Today mom took me to my first field test. It was really exciting. First Barbara (my handler) took me out to the field and let me off my leash. I was allowed to run free thru the field. It was so much fun. Mom was there as well because they let her walk beside the judge so she could watch how to do it. Every once in a while when I got to far away Barbara would call me in with the whistle. Most of the time I just made sure that I could see mom and Barbara. We went around for a bit and then there was an area that was different. I caught a scent in the wind. I kept on running from side to side towards the scent, then all of a sudden a bird shot out of the grass. I tried to chase it but it was too fast. So back I went to Barbara because she was where the birds were, I went around the field a bit more and then the scent was really strong. It was a bird so I pointed at it and waited as long as I could, it was so tempting. I couldn't wait any longer so I went for it, but then the bird flew away, I chased it and I heard a loud bang, but that bird got away also. Anyways, I guess I didn't do too bad and I held my point long enough because I got a passing grade. So that's one leg towards my FDJ title. I'm off to bed now because we're going back tomorrow again. I can't wait to get out into that field again.

Obedience - Level 2 - Testing night

Posted on May 6, 2010 at 10:59 PM

Yipee!!!!! I passed my level 2 obedience test tonight. 

There were 9 exercises and each was marked as EXCELLENT, GOOD, SATISFACTORY or NEEDS IMPROVEMENT.

When it was my turn for the first exercise, a lady who had came in late, entered the room with her dog and one of the other dogs started barking. The whole thing kind of distracted me and mom and wouldn't you know it, it was the heel on leash exercise which I hate. I still got a mark of GOOD for the exercise but I know I could have done better if mom and I were more focused.  When we got to the next exercise, the figure 8, I had settled down so I got an EXCELLENT on that one. I did well on the rest of the exercises as well. EXCELLENT for heel free, come, stand, board jump and stay. And a GOOD for the down signal and sit signal.

Were going to take a break from obedience classes for the summer because we'll be busy with field training and Jennifer's soccer. Linda said that she would have some level 3 classes in the fall so we'll see once the schedule comes out.

Field Training

Posted on May 5, 2010 at 11:18 PM

WOW. I had a great time yesterday at the field training session mom took me on. It was in the country and there were so many interesting smells. The guy who did the training was Jack. Jack took me around his field to find some birds and when I did I pointed at it but then when I tried to get it, Jack pulled me back. Not sure what that was all about, but it seems Jack just wants me to point at the bird not grab it. We did this a few times. So I thought lets see what happens if I just point at the bird. I stood there for what seemed like forever, Jack petted me and pushed me from behind put I just stayed where I was looking at the bird. Then all of a sudden he picked me up and spun around with me, saying good boy. Then he set me back on the ground and we went around looking for birds again. What a fun game. Once I surprised Jack and I attacked that bird so quickly that I got it. I don't think Jack was happy about that because he took the bird away from me. I'm looking forward to next week because mom said that we would go back to see Jack.

Guelph & District Kennel Club Show - Day 2 & 3

Posted on April 25, 2010 at 8:13 PM

So here is an update on how I did at the show. I won both days so I won 10 more ribbons to add to the trophy case. 5 ribbons each day... first in class, best puppy in breed, winners dog, best of winners and best of breed. I felt kind of bad for Abbi because she didn't get any this time but you just never know what the judges are looking for on any given day. I guess this was my weekend to shine. So know that I got my championship it would be really nice to get a group win; you get a really huge ribbon for that. I thought I was close this weekend because when I was in the group ring for puppies the judge actually studied me quite a bit. Maybe next time. Anyways everyone was so proud of me when I got home. I got lots of huges and kisses; I love it.

Guelph & District Kennel Club Show - Day 1

Posted on April 24, 2010 at 12:24 AM

Mom and Barbara have entered me in the Guelph & District Kennel Club Show this weekend. Friday was day 1 and I won 5 ribbons... first in class, best puppy in breed, winners dog, best of winners and best of breed. Most importantly I got the final point needed to win my championship title. That means that they now put a Ch. in front of my CKC (Canadian Kennel Club ) registered name. Mom is all proud about that. As for me I don't really care about the Ch. but what I do like is that now Barbara may decide to breed me. That means I get to have some fun with all those lovely female brittanys she has. I can hardly wait.

pant... pant... drool... drool...

Purina National - Day 3

Posted on March 14, 2010 at 7:26 PM

I'm back home from the final day of the show. I won Best of Breed again today so I got another one of those fancy ribbons. I also got a ribbon for Best Puppy and another one for Winners Dog. Mom said she has to find another place for my ribbons because there isn't anymore place on the fridge door. Mom gave me a special dinner because I did such a good job. Now my tummy is full and I'm really beat so thats all for now I need to catch some zzzzzzz's


Purina National - Day 2

Posted on March 13, 2010 at 11:06 PM

I had another good day today. I won another one of those fancy rosettes for Best of Breed. I also got some ribbons for Best Puppy and Winners Dog. The group judging was different today because all the handlers had to dress up in their fancy clothes. There were a lot more people then usual and the ring was huge. I didn't win the group, there was some really tuff competition but it was fun to hear the people clapping when I walked around the ring. Got to get some rest now for tomorrow.

Purina National - Day 1

Posted on March 12, 2010 at 5:47 PM

Mom and Barbara entered me into the Purina National Show and today was the first day. I think today was the hardest show day yet for me. There was a female Brittany right in front of me in the rink and I wanted to get near her but Barbara kept pulling me back. "Sorry Barbara" for pulling so hard but if you had just let me a bit closer I could have gotten her attention. I don't know why I needed to get at her but after the show I heard Barbara tell Mom that the other Brittany was in heat. Anyways, the judge still liked how I performed and I won a few ribbons one for Best Puppy and one for Winners Dog. I also won a special ribbon  (they called it a rosette) for Best in Breed. Ok, got to go now, Mom's calling me for dinner.

Scarborough Kennel Club Show - Day 3

Posted on March 7, 2010 at 10:40 PM

Home Sweet Home. So day 3 was a repeat of day 1. Abbi took the points today. Not sure how the judges decide but maybe it had something to do with the fact that Abbi gave the judge lots of kisses and tail wags when the judge was examining her. That Abbi definitely knows how to turn on the charm. Mom got another picture of me with the judge who gave me the Best Puppy and Best in Breed ribbons. I think I look really handsome on this one. My handler Barbara looks pretty nice too but who wouldn't when there beside such a stud. Not sure when my next post will be because I plan to spent tomorrow sleeping.